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PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN for Faint Music // Ordinary Light LP

RESULTS: "It's the attention to detail and the lack of filler that make this record the success that it is." (The Sound of Confusion) "A wonderful album that takes all the idiosyncrasies that make DIY indie-pop great and rolls them together." (Independent Clauses) "For those who crave folk and like your music a little on the intellectual side with a pinch of fun." (Golden Mixtape) "Despite its borderline preciousness, Faint Music // Ordinary Light suggests that indie music's movement away from naked arrangements and personal songcraft was a significant mistake." (East Bay Express) "The lattice work of structures and themes offers a cohesion equal to any true work of art." (Sonic Eclectic) "The ideas that exist within this band are phenomenally unique in their composition and execution." (Sleeping Bag Studios) "With fun songs, good music and clever, thought provoking lyrics, I think there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy on this album." (Middle Tennessee Music) "The more I listen to Faint Music // Ordinary Light, the more I find it engaging my senses." (Hear the Indie) "The full album continues in the fun yet self-disparaging tone of other bands I really like now such as The Mountain Goats and The Magnetic Fields." (Indie Band Guru) "The pristine, rocking sound of this album could feel equally at home in your car player on a long drive through the lush countryside, or in a iPod whispering to you in a darkened room before bed." (JamSphere) "Esce il prossimo 4 gennaio “Faint Music // Ordinary Light” terzo disco dei The Yellow Dress supergruppo americano di San Francisco guidato da Dan Weiss e Jonathan Kirk Moyer da tempo protagonista della scena DIY della Bay Area." (Indie for Bunnies) "They will definitely be on my watch list for new music in the future." (Reviews Like a Champ) Feature (Bar Light Records) "Modern music has another great band." (Sell Out Records) "Cheerful anti-folk pop with a hint of melancholy." (Here Comes The Flood) "Risk free literary music." (Noise Shaft) Feature (mus1cprom0t1ion) "Non posso che notare con grandissimo piacere l’influenza di band come i Velvet Underground o i The Mountain Goats." (mikegiord11) "It really is a genuine masterpiece." (musicrev1ew) "They are amazing!" (IndieRockForEver) Feature (Stereomood)





RESULTS: "The warmly bloated, soberly constrained acoustic vibes are rampant and insatiable." (Noise Shaft) "A couple of years behind them now, they have established something of a cult reputation and this is a cult I would recommend joining if you like the darker spectrum." (Emerging Indie Bands) "Golgotha has become one of my favorite releases; I’m only sorry to have waited so long before discovering this band." (Jamsphere) "The 13 track album explores many dark and confusing thoughts through Human Behavior’s unparalleled style." (Indie Band Guru) "Unique blend of folk rock, quirky lyrics, fantastic vocal interplay between Andres Parada and a female choir." (Feedback Fury) "Human Behavior is a model example of expanding the boundaries of musical genres to create something all to themselves and lead the way in a new and beautiful sound." (Sleeping Bag Studios) "It examines with sound and imagery the romance of modern religion, and its relationship to suburban loneliness,” and does so in a very captivating manner." (Hear The Indie) "Their album Golgotha has is an eccentric take on indie blended with elements of folk that all comes together to make for a, well, interesting listening experience." (Golden Mixtape) Feature (dundundudu) "Golgotha is a fascinating and engaging album." (Independent Clauses) "Kudos to Andres (and his fellow Human Behaviorists) for a wonderfully strange, and strangely moving album." (American Pancake) "Relentlessly upbeat and gloriously odd, this will appeal to fans of the likes of Go Betweens and art rock acts like British Sea Power." (Deadly Music!) Top 50 Songs of the Year Mixtape (Independent Clauses)


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